In this coaching program you will be guided into a safe healing space where you can safely identify traumas & negative programing, process and heal from these limiting beliefs, learn mind/body coping skills and be empowered to call in the life you want personally and professionally.

The program starts on September 30, 2024.


This program isn't just about healing; it's about embracing your true self, finding peace, and living life to the fullest.

It's designed to help you:

Coming Home to Your Body

Learn how to practice coming back to your body and access her bodily wisdom. Learn how to unblock and process emotions in the body and create a safe place for this work.


Learn what your old programming is and how to reprogram yourself with new and updated beliefs about yourself and the world. Learn to trust your body to release trauma and old narratives.

Awakening the Body

Learn to awaken your body and senses to pleasure and joy and reprogram how you want to feel in your body. Create a new narrative about pleasure and reclaim it for yourself! Learn about your cycle and how to work with it not against it.

Integrate and Live It

Learn how to live embodied in a disembodied world. How to make your work and change last.

What you'll receive as part of this program:

  • 50-Minute Weekly Group Sessions with Chrissy
  • Somatic Flow
  • The Embodied Woman Workbook
  • Personal Group Meditations
  • Private Group on WhatsApp
  • Homework Assignments

Group meets on Mondays at 12 o’clock pm Pacific standard time and sessions will be recorded for eight weeks.


What people are saying:

INVESTMENT: $579 (payment plan available)


Chrissy has been a therapist for 10+ years and has worked with various populations and treated issues like: Eating Disorders, Depression, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Trauma, Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Trichotilomania, OCD, Sexual Abuse, Relationship Issues, LGBTQIA, religious trauma and more. Chrissy has been growing an online community for 11 years and launched 2 courses and 4women's retreats.

She has personal experience healing from an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, religious trauma and has learned to thrive with ADHD creating a successful business doing what she loves.

If this sounds like it resonates with you and you want to start your healing journey with Chrissy we will send you intake paperwork upon confirmation and get you ready to start your healing journey.

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I'm In (payment plan)
*Please email [email protected] for additional support


I'm Chrissy and welcome to the Embodied Woman

This is a 8 week group coaching program we will explore childhood wounds, unhealed traumas, learn how to connect the mind and body to release trauma and awaken the body. At the end of the program we will be focused on increasing pleasure in your life and learn how to call in your deepest desires.

You will be working closely with me and other like-mined women to create a healing space in your life to process, unblock, awaken and call in the life you want through experiential therapeutic modalities, somatic coaching and mind body therapy - it's the most meaningful soul work you will ever do.


Let's do this!