November 2nd-5th, 2023


Slow down, rest and heal through experiential therapeutic practices, group therapy and somatic embodiment work. Heal from core wounds with other likeminded women and experience yourself and the world in a new and sacred way in the beautiful Isle of Palms South Carolina.

This retreat is your invitation to experience deep healing, self-discovery, and transformation in a nurturing and supportive environment.



"Healing, Travel, Adventure and Sisterhood... In 2020 I fell in love with experiential therapy while at a training with Onsite Workshops. I've always loved travel so I combined a healing experience for women to go deeper into the work of becoming their true self while being held and witnessed by likeminded, safe women in a beautiful place."

- Chrissy Powers
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Have fun in a beautiful place and eat really good food with new friends
Connection with like minded women 
Greater connection with mind, body & soul



This trip exceeded every expectation, way beyond my wildest dreams. 

The divine feminine trip was my first solo travelling trip since becoming a mum. I felt sick any time I thought about leaving my kids. I was terrified about how I would be received by my husband on my return. I knew things needed to change. I needed to heal, to grow, to find myself. Kind of like my own mini ‘Eat, love, pray’ experience. My intention was to connect to myself and the divine power within me. That I did!

I was fully out of my comfort zone, taking this trip with a group of women I’d never met. The thought was intimidating. But in reality, I was right at home with them all from very early on. The environment created was inviting and welcoming for all.

These women collectively helped me find my footing on the first rung of my ladder to freedom. Freedom to be authentically me. Free from shame, doubt and fear. 

The release I experienced from meditation, non-linear movement, and ancestral work was incredible. However I had not anticipated the healing I would feel from sitting around the dinner table at our idyllic chateaux, or strolling the cobbled streets of beautiful Provence or hiking St. Baume, or taking beautiful photos of each other, or excitedly doing our hair and makeup in the bathroom together like giddy teenagers high on life! What I experienced, was true sisterhood. The power of the feminine. 


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